quarta-feira, 9 de setembro de 2009

Tim Gunn and his magic world

I'm a people&arts/home&health addict. That's a confession I should not make, but oh well, I am.
And today (actually, right now) I watched an episode from the show I recently found out about that goes on at Home&Health: Tim Gunn.
I don't know about you, but I loved Tim Gunn way back from Project Runway. I mean, really, what would Heidi and all those stylists do without Tim's "make it work"? He's the soul of the show and I adored him and his very-gay-yet-powerful reactions. So,when a friend of mine showed me Tim Gunn's own TV show (creatively named Tim Gunn) I was delighted.
I've been trying to watch as many as I can because, honestly, "What not to Wear" (a.k.a. "Esquadrão da Moda") is just not doing it alone anymore. Plus, Tim Gunn really knows what he's talking about. I thought critics were critics because they couldn't do it themselves but Tim changed that thought. He definetely can do it himself. I mean, really.
So, I was watching this episode with this girl called Meredith (yeah, don't like the name either) and she is super sweet and she has the same petite body shape as I do (which never happens to me in any fashion show)! Not even considering the fact that she just moved to New York and has a very handsome-professional-looking boyfriend. Yeah, I think you got the idea, I adore Meredith.
I think this is my favourite episode ever of Tim Gunn's show. I mean, she is adorable and she had clothes that could be saved! No one ever has clothes that can be saved! She is a shoe addict, plus she actually knew how to choose fashionable presentable clothing! All the dresses she tried on looked incredible on her and Tim was oh-so-proud of her ability to identify what should not be used.
She went to what she called 'girl heaven': InStyle Magazine closet. I got to tell you this: she's right about the girl heaven. Everything in there is dreamy. She got to pick out an outfit from the closet and that never happened in any other episode. She went to a stylist's loft and tried on beatiful dresses and Laboutin shoes! Which she got to take home as a present! Who the hell gets Laboutin shoes as a present!?
And at the end of the whole show Tim Gunn himself gave her a necklace that was done just for her! Whaat? Tim Gunn giving necklaces? My world turned upside down. And it was an incredibly nice well-thought necklace! It had different pendants to stand for different things she cared for, like her boyfriend, her work, her friends, her high school cheerleading past..
And on top of all that... they flew her best-friend-for-more-than-20-years-that-was-pregnant over to see her! And they were all so happy!
(Not even gonna mention all the very useful tips they gave on makeup, underwear, clothing, prints and etc. along the episode. I'm impressed.)

Go Meredith!
Thanks Tim!

Time for What not to Wear..

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bgM disse...

The Tim Gun show is WHAT exactly? I loooved him from Project Runway, and I thought his show would be on helping young stylists. Guess I was wrong! Is it an improved version of What not to wear? I hate What not to wear USA. The British version was GREAT. And useful. And the gals were FUN. But it has vanquished from P&A and I´m so not going to stand Stacy´s visa merchandizing!
I wonder where Austin Scarlett is these days...

bgM disse...

ooh. and those devil red-soled shoes have been bugging me since Mia mentioned them. Really, how does US$300 become R$1800? HOW?
So unfair...