segunda-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2010

Anti-Prince Charming

It's impossible that you know who I am, or vice-versa. You can look at me and think "snobby little girl", "mean bitch", "nice nerd", "immature disney lover" or "ordinary girl". You can get really close to knowing M. when you know I fear commitment, I have a hard time making close friends, I hate triangles (and why), I love stickers, I am fueled by music and I love, love, love collecting memories, be it by taking 300 photos or writing down funny comments. You can get fooled that you know me, but the truth is, you're very far from it.
You can think I'm the romantic type, the one that loves getting flowers and says "I love you" all the time with every single piece of my heart. You can think I'm the type of girl that dreams on the perfect boy and that will smile with a heroic act. That I'm one of those girls that can not wait until their marriage so that I can wear a beautiful white gown and walk down an aisle covered by my favorite flower.
Newsflash: I'm not. Nothing I said above fit me. I'm not romantic. I don't even want to get married. And when I think of Prince Charming I can only remember Cinderella and that Ken-like husband of hers. I don't really like Ken. When I think of romance, I think of cupcakes and laughs. I think of reading an impressive book that makes you fall terribly in love with the character. I think of smiling all day long. I don't think of cuddling with a cute guy or hanging out with the most popular and cool guy I know. I don't think of "I love you"s and of marriage. Maybe I have more in common with Summer Finn (500 days of Summer) than I thought.

But then again, in the end, Summer believes in "happily ever after".

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C. disse...
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C. disse...

You know, I don't remember the first time I met you. But what I remember thinking was something like "She is not the kind who craves for a guy. Finally". I don't think "I love yous" are about finding the perfect guy, and I think Kens are only nice for barbies. And even so, I decided to drawn my barbie's prince-charming and so, he was a piece of paper. I don't like thinking about marriege, and I fall terribly in love with the character of an incredible book I am reading. You know what M? Thank God you are not the usual one; the conventional one. Have your own way of seeing love and not the one that everyone thinks you should have, feels actually real. Not something you had to learn.

bgM disse...

Three Cheers to You.
Let's just hope you're not as bitchy as Summer, then.