quinta-feira, 25 de março de 2010

All that's needed

Long weeks behind you, long weeks ahead of you. It felt like the whole world was on your shoulder. Everywhere you looked there were mountains to climb, with no help at all. All around there were people, friends. It didn't matter, it didn't comfort you. In fact, it made everything even more claustrophobic.
The walls were closing up on you. Time was running out. You could hear your heart beat. Tears were being held back. Sadness was being transformed in anger. You wanted nothing more than to sleep and watch old movies for the rest of the month. But you couldn't do so.
That was when he got home and you all sat around the table. You ate due to obligation. Food wasn't exactly making you feel any better.
Breaking the silence you got up, and you hugged him, and you sat on his lap, and you stayed there for good 5 minutes. And he hugged you back, wrapping his arms around you, protecting you, comforting you. His warmth and love reminding you of the obvious. The world could crumble into pieces, everyone around could abandon you, you could fail, it didn't matter. Whatever happened, he would always be by your side, he would always hold you back, dry your tears and make you laugh. Like he did when you were 6 and you fell off your bike. Like he did when you had problems with learning math. Like he did when you were the new kid and you had no friends.
He would always be the only guy that would never break your heart.
He would always be number one.

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C. disse...

Doesn't matter where life lead you, he will always be number one. Always.