domingo, 2 de maio de 2010


You shouldn't care.
But I do.

So what if he feels that way?
So what that I care!

They are not right about it, you know it.
How do I know it? They could be right.

It's him in their minds.
So? He was right about some things..

But he's not right about this! They would tell you it he was.
What if they didn't notice..

You're too stuborn for me..
But.. you are me.

You're going insane.
We are going insane, honey. We are..

You know, you're starting to be something you hated.
I know.

Stop being it. I hate it.
I hate it too. But it's unconscious.

Honey, now it's conscious. So stop!
Fine! I'll try..


(C's post inspired. sorta.)

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