quarta-feira, 24 de novembro de 2010

Plan on being surprised

I learned a couple things about people over the years. I learned people get happy when you let them talk about themselves, no matter how shy they are. I learned people trust you a lot more once you stop throwing them judgemental sentences about other people. I learned they like it when you laugh at their jokes. I learned sometimes it's better not to push them on telling you what's wrong with them. I learned that people open up a lot easier once you let them in your own life. I learned that, generally, when they don't look for you it's probably because you don't matter to them. I learned first impressions aren't trustworthy. I learned listening is more appreciated than talking. I learned people ultimately want happiness.
But sometimes, just sometimes, these lessons go wrong. Sometimes people would rather listen to you babble. Sometimes people would rather trust one that is obviously untrustworthy. Sometimes people do need a push. Sometimes people don't look for you because they don't want to bother, or because they think you don't care about them. Sometimes people need to be fought for. Sometimes people choose to be miserable. Sometimes first impressions are the only impressions. Sometimes people can be surprising.
That's why I'm trying to erase all these lessons from my head. They won't help because people are unpredictable. There is no pattern to follow, there are no rules, there is no logical answer and, most definitely, there is no easy way to understand people. And so the only rule we can follow is to be ready for surprises and to let people be as unpredictable as they possibly can.
No plans, no rules, no lessons. No expectations. No disappointments.
No getting hurt.

If only our heads and our hearts could be on the same page for once..

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C. disse...

Even though we will never have heart and head on the same page, we sure as well, still plan on being surprised after all, don't we?