sexta-feira, 20 de novembro de 2009

I hate that:

I can't feel what you deserve.

You can't feel what I deserve.

We barely talk anymore.

I miss you.

You don't tell me the truth.

I can't even freaking hug you.

You suck at lying.

Every song reminds me of something.

I can't concentrate.

I don't know what I would feel if it were true.

You'll read this and be confused.

You won't read this and never manage to understand me.

You keep trying to state the obvious.

I should keep my distance.

I can't keep my distance.

You let him down.

He's broken hearted.

You're just fine.

You act like everything is oh-so-normal.

He doesn't react.

I'm not making sense.

I feel like the world is falling to the ground.

Great, I just babbled and made no sense.

4 comentários:

C. disse...

Sometimes, we don't have to make sense. But there are times, that we have to let go.

bgM disse...

When do we ever?
Cute post. Very Modernista.

Gustavo disse...
Este comentário foi removido pelo autor.
Gustavo disse...

pq td mundo escreve em inglês?
eh mais facil se expressar nessa ilusão de que só entende quem deve...?
e seu segredo será eterno.
confortavel, mas traidor.