sexta-feira, 25 de dezembro de 2009


Dress first, hair, brush teeth, shoes. Grab your bag. Leave.
Pick up the phone and call. 10 minutes or less.
People go by, they laugh, they walk, they shop, they talk.
Two sit on a bench, they kiss.
It took 8 minutes. Walk inside, look around. Find no one.
Go upstairs, walk around. Call again. Get nervous.
Go downstairs, search. Continue calling. Find blue shirt. Smile.
Breathe in and out. Walk towards blue shirt. Hug. Smile bigger.
Walk outside. Fight the billions of people. Don't find the present at the shop.
Go back to the same meeting place. Holding hands. Walk around.
Find a quiet spot with place to sit. Sit.
Chat. Hug. Kiss. Chat. Laugh. Kiss. Laugh. Chat.
Get quiet. Wonder, almost despair. Hurt. Listen.
Look up. Listen some more. Smile. Comment. Hurt again.
Question. Lie. Question again. Lie again. Kiss and hug.
Exchange of smiles. Forget about wondering. And about hurting.
Remember things are amazing. Get happy.
And then remember it's almost dark. Get up. Go outside. Walk.
Hesitate. Kiss. Hesitate. Chat. Hesitate. Smile. Walk away.

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It is good to be in love, isn't it lover?

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